Brick LSWR

Brick as he appears in the series.

 Brick is the self-assured leader of the RowdyRuff Boys and a main hero in the PPnK Saga.


Brick along with Boomer and Butch where all created by the scientist Mojo JoJo in order to defeat the evil tyrants: the Powerpuff Girls. He died by a kiss from Blossom after proving more than a match for her. He along with his brothers payed a visit to the Land of The Dead, where they came across the door to the Nightosphere, after defeating a freed Marceline's Dad, he told them where they could find HIM and they struct a deal with the god and were reicarnated.


After being revived from the dead, they realized the place was a mess and they couldn't defeat the Powerpuffs alone. So they went to the heroes and offered themselves as worthy sparring partners. A smart assed Shadow said "When you find them let us know." and after some pursuading the got the heroes to belive they weren't new clones of the PPGs and they were trained in the ways of the heroes and learned almost all of their techiques. When it came time to fight the Powerpuff Girl's once more, they gave it their all and almost one, but the girls cheated and used the chaos emeralds they found to activate some new Overdrive Forms(x10). The Rowdyruff's almost die again, but the girls are taken back by Professer. The next time they see the Powerpuffs, they have to save them from the Powerpunks and have to team up with them to beat the Powerpunk Girls.