This is a list of all Episodes in there correct Saga.

Ice King Saga


The first saga where Ice King tries to destroy the cul-de-sac.

Ep 1: Reign of the Ice King- Finn and Jake invade the Ice Kingdom and find that Ice King had kidnapped the princess once again. There is a brief fight and the heroes manage to free the princess. Ice King then gains all his power (Where he goes insane) and states he can't destroy this universe so he shall destroy another. Ice King opens up a portal and goes through along with a peice of the Ice Kingdom. Finn and Jake then tell the princess goodbye then follow the Ice King. They land in peach creek and look around. It cuts to the hereos training. They train until they sense a ice minion and are ambushed. They beat the minions (during it Edd has the Red chaos emerald so he shows off its powers to show finn, Ice king sees this and then wants to get the emeralds). The E Fighters are nearly killed untill Finn and Jake hop in and save then then explain the situation They explain themselves and they all train, Finn and Jake learn the Kaioken and after another Ice Minion ambush Finn has a near life death experience and is given a senzu. With the power up Corey and Drew are sure he is in fact a Saiyan. Finn trys to deny it saying hes a human but they say with all that power he must be a Saiyan.

Ep 2: The Super Ice Minion- Drew, Edd and Eddy are training Finn and Ed and Corey are traning Jake also Ed and Corey are training Jake. Corey gets made cause Jake grows his fist and pounds him into the ground. So he does a bad ass combo on Jake and then Ed tells him "Dont hurt Eds new dogie!". Ed stops Corey and then runs over to Jake and picks him up "Dogie.....?". Jake bursts up with an arua surronding him (Hes flared up). His power level rises fast as then both Ed and Corey go kaioken. During training they here a explosion and find the Ice King and his minions at the scene. They have a fight and Double D is ambushed so Ice King gets the emerald. After a Ice King gain a Chaos Emerald h is able to pump up his minions with chaos energy and create a Super Ice Minion with a power level of 35,000. Which is 7 times a normal Ice minions power level.

Epi 3: The Battle with the Super Ice Minion- They battle the super ice minion and then Drew and Corey kill it with a cousins Kamehameha. Ice King retreats with the emerald. They run off to sleep and then later train again.

Epi 4: New Threat: Omega Ice Minion- Soon Ice King is able to create multiple Super Ice minions and then they fuse into a omega ice minion. When that happens Finn and Jake will have been completly caught up with the others. The Omega Ice Minion destroys half of the culdisac when the heroes show up and fight it.

Epi 5: Defeat the Omega Ice Minion!- The Omega Ice Minion nearly breaks Finns arm, after a long fight it trys to attack the beat up Jake, and Finn punched it out the way. Jake prepares to his Shoop Da Whoop while Finn charged a one armed Kamehameha. The Omega minion fires a super sized energy ball at them, Finn and Jake both fire at it, then afrer the struggle had been going on for a while Drew and Corey jumped in shooting a Special Beam Cannon and a Kamehameha. Killing the Omega minion, Ice King retreats now having all the emeralds.

Ep 6: Final Battle with the Ice King- The heroes go to Ice King's chunk of his kingdom and prepare for battle. Before the fight begins Ice King gets all the emeralds andd then goes into his full power, he fights them all. Ice King floats into the sky and yells "ILL KILL YOU ALL!!!!". Ice King begins to charge his Zappity Ice Beam, Finn, Jake, and Corey all charge there Kamehamehas at fullpower. Drew joins in, they fire and after the struggle has been going on for a while The Eds teleport high above Ice King and pelt him with beams, this causes the Kamehamehas to hit him, Ice King is claimedd dead. They then take the emeralds back.

Marcilenes Dad Saga


Epi 1: Visit to the Candy Kingdom- 5 Months after the Ice King was "killed" they kept his universe travel technoligy. Finn and Jake go back to there universe with Drew, The Eds, and Corey for a visit, they go to the candy kingdom. Drew flips out while Double is running around studdying the place, Finn finds the Princess and then she hugs the shit out of him. After catching up a dark shadow falls over the room and something begins to appear next to Finn, Drew goes "WHAT THE HELL!!" He trys to blast the form figure but all of a sudden a arm sticks out from it a grabs the blast and crushes it in his hand. Finn goes "Hey marcaline...", now The Eds, Drew, and Corey all flip out. She says she needs Finns help with something, Jake and Corey follow him there while Ed goes crazy eating side walk and trys to eat Peperment Butler while Drew flips out, Double D studys the place, and Eddys looking for choclate.

Epi 2: Arrival of Marcelline's Dad- Finn, Jake, and Corey arrive at Marcelline's house with her. Jake and Corey uncomfortly twist and turn on Marcelline's couch tryign to get confty. Marcelline and Finnn record her song called "Daddy do you even love me...", Finn, Jake, and Corey all blush. Finn "How about we summon your dad", Marcelline says no but still exsplains how. Finn summons him as the monster rises from the ground. Meanwhile Drew scolds annd beats on all the candy people that try to say hi to him. The Princess gets mad and bans Drew from the cany kingdom. The Eds then try to convince her to let him back in.

Epi 3: Brawl in the Candy Kingdom- Her dad starts out in his Human sized form. He says "ITS SOO GOOD TO BE BACK!!!", he evily smiled as he looked at Finn "Now its time to go suck some souls...". Corey and Jake jumped off the couch in there fighting poses as her dad punched Finn in the face and then threw him at the wall. He pounds on Jake and Corey, Finn withdraws the sword from his backpack, Marcelline's dad takes his giant form. Finn tries to stab Marcelline dad but he grabbed it at threw it dead threw the wall, Marcelline yelled "DAD STOP IT!!!'. He then get Marcelline's base and then says "The family base....Give me this! You don't respect it enough!!!", He then teleports away. Meanwhile in the candy kingdom Eddy is still searching for chocolate when Marcelline's Dad appears behid him. Ed and Double D then arrive and there is a brief fight, Marcelline's Dad wins then trys to suck there souls. Suddenly Drew arrives and kicks him away.

Epi 4: Marcelline's Dad with the Chaos Emeralds!?- Marcelline's Dad and Drew fight for a while until Marcelline's Dad begins to sense something. He then teleports to Double D and takes the emeralds from him. Marcelline's Dad absorbs the emeralds and goes into max power and manhandles Drew. He then teleports away, They all flee Marcelline's house to the candy kingdom. The heroes gather up with Marcelline, Marcelline is so angry she keeps smashing is smashing and blowing up rocks. Finn and the heroes plan to attack Marcelline's Dad in a week.

Epi 5: Father vs. Daughter- While the heroes train Marcelline sneaks out and fights her dad on her own. The battle is long and they both seem evenly matched, until Marcelline's Dad gains the upperhand, he then knocks her out cold and escapes the scene. Drew comes and takes Marcelline back to the Candy Kingdom.

Epi 6: Final Transformation- Marcelline's Dad sucks up enough souls to turn into his final form. He then attempts to destroy all of ooo but then the heroes arrive and stop him. All the heroes turn Kaioken and engage Marceline's Dad.

Epi 7: Back to the Nightosphere- Marcelline's Dad battles the heroes until Finn plays Marcelline's song. Marcelline's Dad then apologizes to Marcelline and tells her that he loves her. Marcelline's Dad then give Marcelline the family base back, thats when Finn sends Marcelline's Dad back to the Nightosphere. Marcelline then askes Finn about the pocket on his shirt. Finn opens it and the Dancing Banna hops out and dances before exploding. All heroes stare shocked. The heroes then spend a month in the Candy Kingdom.

Bowser's Reign Saga


Epi 1: The Reign Begins-

Epi 2: Big Brawl-

Mecha Sonic Saga


Epi 1: Battle with the Mecha's- Eggman and Utonium active Mecha-Sonic, Shadow, Mario, and Luigi. The Mecha's attack the heroes and after a brief fight Mario gains the red emerald and Mecha-Sonic the blue. But Mecha-Luigi is destroyed, Mecha-Mario then takes his parts back to Eggman and Utonium for means of reconstruction.

Epi 2: Big Brawl on Yoshi Island- The Heroes arrive on the Island and fight the Axem Rangers X for the yellow emerald. Soon the Koopa Bros arrive with the green. The triple threat battle begins! Meanwhile Mecha-Sonic, Mecha-Mario, and Mecha-Shadow are sent to the Island to retreive all three emeralds. Mecha-Mario takes the emerald from the Axem Rangers and kills them with little effort. Mecha-Sonic does the same to the Koppa Bros. And Mecha-Shadow then takes the emerald. He prepares to kill Mario but he is then attacked by Sonic, Shadow, and Finn. The Mecha's then use the emeralds to powerup. The Mecha's prepare to combat the heroes but then they are called back to the lab by Utonium. Zuki tells the heroes he will follow

Epi 3: Blood Bath in the Cul-de-sac- The heroes take refuge in the Cul-de-sac, thats when the Mecha's are sent to get DNA samples from all the heroes. Mecha-Shadow takes on Finn, Ed, Eddy, Shadow, and Knuckles, Mecha-Mario takes on Mario, Luigi, Tails, Jake, and Yoshi, and Mecha-Sonic takes on Xavier, Corey, Drew, Zach, Double D, and Silver. Meanwhile Zuki who had followed the Mecha's to the lab finally revealed himself by attacking Utonium. Utonium then reveals him and Eggmans three newest creations: Zails, Krunckles, and Redonic. Zuki engages the Mecha's and is beaten to a pulp. Utonium then explains to Zuki that they aren't even complete. Mecha-Shadow manages to make Eddy, Shadow, and Knuckles bleed. He then turns his attention to Ed.

Epi 4: The Battle Rages on- Mecha-Shadow and Ed and Finn continue combat. Mecha-Mario then makes Mario, Yoshi, Jake, and Tails bleeed, and beats them nearly to death. Luigi's anger is pushed to a new level, he then takes out a fire flower and turns into Fire Luigi. Mecha-Mario then engages Fire Luigi. Mecha-Sonic makes Silver, Double D, and Zach bleed and puts Corey and Xavier in a weakend state. Drew tells Corey and Xavier to stay while he engages Mecha-Sonic. Mecha-Sonic makes Drew bleed by stabbing him in the stomach, Mecha-Sonic then calls Drew a weakling and he was easy to kill. Mecha-Sonic then throws Drew away. Leaving Corey and Xavier to the empression that he was dead. Corey and Xavier both turn FSSJ. Meanwhile Ed and Finn do the same. Meanwhile Zuki goes FSSJ and manges to distract Zails, Krunckles, and Zails long enough for him to teleport back to the house.

Epi 5: Battle with the FSSJ's- Corey and Xavier engage Mecha-Sonic and nearly destroy the Mecha but he manages to make them bleed by slashing them. Mecha-Sonic then goes to where Mecha-Shadow and Ed are fighting. Not knowing this Corey and Xavier check up on Silver, Double D, Zach, and Drew. Mecha-Shadow makes Ed bleed and almost cripples him when Mecha-Sonic arrives. Meanwhile the battle between Mecha-Mario and Luigi rages on. Mecha-Mario holds back, still not making Luigi bleed, still in mourning over the death of Mecha-Luigi. Suddenly Mecha-Sonic appears, stabbing Luigi in the back, causing Luigi to bleed. Luigi turns back to normal then Mecha-Mario gets Luigi's sample then Mecha-Sonic chaos controls the three back to the lab.

Epi 6: The Bloody Aftermath- All the heroes are rushed to the hopsital. Wario and Waluigi appear and laugh at Mario and Luigi's injured state. Mario and Luigi are both too weak to do anthing and Mario and Waluigi then begin to taunt them. Suddenly Zuki appears and punches Wario into the wall. Waluigi flees the hospital, Wario soon follows. Makuta and Ralick return and tell them all that Utonium and Eggman's new Mecha's are activated, and are headed to the cul-de-sac for the purple emerald. They all then say they don't have the purple emerald. Zuki reveals himself having the purple emerald. Makuta then tells Knuckles where the shards are hidden on Angel Island and reveals he has one cause he knew he would have to fight someone. Makuta, Ralick, and Zuki then go to the culdisac as Krunckles, Redonic, and Zails arrive. Zuki still angered from his last battle turns FSSJ. Makuta then uses to the emerald shard to activate his emerald form. Ralick manages to turn FSSJ and the battle begins!

Epi 7: Death of the Saiyans!?- The three heroes have a big battle against the three copies. It ends when Zails stops holding back and beats Zuki and Makuta to pulp. Becoming even more angered, Ralick begins to power up harder. But Redonic and Krunckles begin punching him around like a toy before, Zails grabs a hold of his arm and says, "This where you die." Zails throws Ralick into the air and prepares to blast him but Ralick stops himself in the air and watches as Zails prepares to blast him, not having enough energy to fight back. Ralick realizes this is it,but that is when Zails and the copies are attacked by Shade, Rouge, Amy, and Cream. The clones still manage to take the emerald and the shard peice but escape before any real fighting goes on.

Epi 8:

Epi 9:

Epi 10: