Original Jake

Jake as he appears in the Adventure Time cartoon.


Jake as he will appear in AVTZ.

Jake is a magical talking dog and adoptive brother/best freind of Finn. Jake is one of the main heroes of the series.


Jake is generally laid-back and tends not to worry about things. He relies heavily on his powers (or Finn) to get him out of any dangerous predicament. While he often cracks jokes at serious times,whenever Finn is down he always has a lecture to cheer him up. Acting as Finn's world-wise mentor, Jake is always willing to give input and advice about a situation, but his suggestions are usually inconsistent, ranging from encouraging and helpful suggestions to ridiculous nonsense. He can be somewhat irresponsible at times, frequently leaving Finn to fight most of a battle on his own, but he always pulls through when he is needed most. But when jake does get serious in a fight he is shown to be rutheless and somewhat unstoppable, often strecthing his legs and fists or growing them to massive size in order to beat his opponents to a pulp.

At times Jake can be shwon to have a dark side, sometimes making random eerey and dark comments. When he was young it is explain he used to steal old ladies purses and stock stolen bikes. When Drew tried to take Jake's GBA in Episode 6 of the Ice King Saga, Jake responds by strecthing his fist out and punchign Drew in the face before he kicks him into the wall. They have an intense physical fight, the other heroes mange to break it up but are both badly injured. It is also suggested that if Jake where to get angry enough and react to the Chaos Emeralds, he could turn into a dark form.

Many don't trust Jake, as Silver even admitted he doesn't trust Jake and doesn't see him as a freind and only as an ally. Of course Jake was not around to hear this because this would have most likely led to another physical fight. Drew doesn't trust Jake ever sense the fight over the GBA and thinks he could turn on them any day. Although Jake has formed close bonds with Sonic and Shadow, they both admit he is not to be trusted. During the fight with the Mecha's, Jake constantly hit Sonic and Shadow or moved them out the way using his powers in order to continue fighting on his own. Jake is a very mysterious character and his own best freind Finn even wonders about him sometimes.

Powers and Abilities

Jake, although just a dog, his body holds a strong amount of ki that he can use to fire of various forms of enegry projectiles. Using his magic dog powers, he can stretch his limbs to his wanted distance, grow his limbs to massive sizes, and shape shift into almost anything he pleases. Jake's main energy projectiles are the Kamehameha Wave and the Special Beam Cannon.