Xavier's new look that shall be appearing in the series.

Xavier is a 13 year old Saiyan and an extremely skilled fighter. He is a great ally to Finn and one of the main heroes in the series.


Xavier is quite young boy, whenever something major is going on in the room he usually doesn't participate until it has something to do with fihgitng. Xavier has extreme anger problems, although he likes to play around with freinds, if he doesn't know you or you take joking overboard. He can soon begin to hate you.

Xavir is shown to have a defending nature, seeing how during the Bowser Saga when he saw the Koopa's and Goomba's attacking the kids of Peach Creak, he defended them and kept them in hiding from Bowser. Although not knowing any of them. Even when Kevin punched him in the back of the head, Xavier kept him and the rest of the kids of Preach Creak in hiding, although becoming angry and almost retaliating with a physical assault.

Xavier thrills in combat, he often becomes so zoned out he gets a sinister smile across his face. Twitching occasionally and betaing down on his opponent in a rapid and repetitive pace. Xavier is nto one to spar opponents, on occassion he has been shown to let some of his enemies live but through out most of his fights, Xavier is always aiming for the finsihing blow in order to kill his opponent.


Pre Bowser Saga

Before Xavier first appears in the Bowser Saga he lives in peace in Japan with the rest of his allies, he even made his own team with them, naming them the X-Fighters.

Bowser Saga

Xavier is flying one day when he spots Bowser's ships and sees tons of Koopa's, Goomba's, etc. being launched from his ship and into Peach Creak. Conserned, Xavier lands down into the flaming city to see whats going on, he lands and destroys several Koopa's. He then spots the kids being attack by several Koopa's and Goomba's, he defeats them and finds a building to hide them in. More and more appear and start fighting Xvaier, Zach appears and helps Xavier in the fight but meanwhile the kids had been found and taken back to Bowser's ship. Xavier becomes enraged, both him and Zach have no clue of what to do and begin to train themselves in order to beat Bowser.

The E-Fighters arrive from the Candy Kingdom, and find the city in ruins, They are greeted by Xavier and Zach, Zach reunites with Corey and Drew and soon they both join the E-Fighters.

Powers & Abilities

  • Kamehameha
  • Red Beam
  • Super Kick

(so far only known powers)